Kitchen Lighting

Bringing your new kitchen to light

What’s the point of creating a beautiful new kitchen if it isn’t perfectly lit to show it off? A carefully thought-out lighting plan can be your kitchen’s best asset. But before you get caught up in the fun of choosing pendant lights and chandeliers, analyze your kitchen plan to ensure that all areas of your kitchen are lighted specifically with their purpose in mind.

The most efficient and effective kitchen light plans have a combination of ambient, task, and general lighting. These include overhead lights but also undercabinet lighting, which is now commonly used in kitchen design, along with recessed lights. The fun begins when decorative lighting comes into play.

Choose halogen or LED lighting to illuminate your work areas and create moods in different zones. From downlights to under cabinet lighting, illuminated shelving and LED lights, we have a wide range of great ideas that will enhance your new kitchen beautifully.

Ask Kembla Kitchens to talk you through our kitchen lighting options, and help you bring your dream kitchen to light.

Free Kitchen Consultation

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