Kitchen Hardware

Well thought out cabinet solutions from Blum

Your kitchen is an important investment. With Blum’s clever cabinet hardware solutions you can maximise your space and keep everything in its place ensuring your kitchen is as beautiful as it is practical.

The quality of a kitchen does not depend on surface finishes alone. High quality fittings technology brings enhance user convenience and top quality motion to kitchens. Kitchen cabinets and pull-outs which are easy to open, even when fully loaded can close silently making a beautiful kitchen practical.

Drawer Systems

Base cabinets in kitchens fitted with drawers and pull-outs which are fully extendable, instead of shelves and doors, not only optimises space usage, but also ensures everything is easily accessible. Using pull-outs, all contents can be seen at a glance, you have easy access and no longer need to bend down and dig out things from the back of the cabinet.

Blum’s TANDEMBOX drawer systems offer a variety of design possibilities which complement the changing façade of kitchen design. Our proven TANDEMBOX line includes two entirely different styles to choose from; TANDEMBOX intivo which exceeds all your design and functional expectations or TANDEMBOX antaro for a sophisticated design and minimalist style.

Benefits of TANDEMBOX drawer systems:

  • Full-extension runners providing good overview and easy access to stored items. Drawers are organised when fitted with ORGA-LINE inner dividers that compliment the respective drawer side.
  • High comfort of motion, drawers and pull-outs at full capacity glide open and close silently thanks to integrated BLUMOTION.
  • Handle-less designs are made possible with SERVO-DRIVE (electric) and TIP-ON (mechanic) opening support systems
  • Available with Blum’s space optimising cabinet solutions; SPACE CORNER, SPACE TOWER (pantry) and Sink Drawer.

Blum’s motion technologies; silent and effortless BLUMOTION soft close and opening supports systems SERVO-DRIVE (electric) and TIP-ON (mechanic), bring high comfort and top quality motion.

BLUMOTION soft-close

BLUMOTION – the soft close system developed by Blum had become a standard feature of modern furniture. It won the European Inventors Award 2013 in the industry category for its technological originality and economic and social impact.

Whether its pull-outs, hinges or lift systems the BLUMOTION function is integrated into virtually all of our fitting solutions. Regardless of the force used or the weight of the wall cabinet front, door or pull-out the adaptive technology ensures closing is always silent and effortless.

SERVO-DRIVE fascinating opening 

How many times have you been in that uncomfortable position where both hands are full, but you need to open the bin? Or you have dirty hands from preparing a meal and need to get an extra knife from the cutlery drawer. It is often the small things that tip the scales; drawers or wall cabinets equipped with SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system will lesson workloads and support you in your daily kitchen tasks.

SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support enhances comfort and freedom of motion. Drawer, pull-outs and lift systems open as if by themselves. A light touch anywhere on the front with your hand, hip, knee, foot or elbow is all that is required for opening. Together with integrated BLUMOTION soft-close, SERVO-DRIVE offers a complete solution for all-round high level of movement. A special feature of SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS lift systems is the ergonomic, easy accessible button for automatic closing.

TIP-ON mechanical opening

TIP-ON is our mechanical opening support system for functional opening comfort that opens up many handle-less design options. A gentle push on the front is enough to open pull-outs, doors and lift systems. Furniture closes securely with the TIP-ON latching function.

TIP-on can be used in handle-less applications where there are no electrical outlets and in less frequently used cabinets such as in bathrooms and living areas.  

Free Kitchen Consultation

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